"If you find someone who makes you smile,
Who checks up on you to see if you’re okay,
Who watches out for you and wants the very best for you,
Don’t let them go.
Keep them close and don’t take them for granted.
People like them are hard to find."

— (via misjudgments)

(Source: misjudgments, via adamanada)

#throwbackmusic I love this song until now. damn. his voice.

"like a river flows, a flower grows, my love for you will never change"

the unsung heroes of smart gilas

coaching staff of course and three players that come into my mind:

Gabe Norwood, Ranidel De Ocampo and Captain Might mouse: Jimmy Alapag.

Norwood: hands down to his defending skills. that booiiii

De Ocampo: me, a wannabe basketball player, could idolize him. He is actually a power forward, but very useful also outside. Really chill when taking wide shots, or driving inside. Shy, but explosive

Mighty Mouse Jimmy Alapag: that’s a captain every team needs. a confidence booster, someone who trusts in his teammates, who doesn’t want to see himself on the score board all the time. Wants his bro’s to shine and score. Lifts his mates up, when they are feeling down. He could have easily made that lay up, but opted to pass to Gary David, who had a shooting curse at the moment. wow. I bow my head. AND every time Gilas was trailing, he made the important shots.. that went in!! damn, this team got what it takes to be a champion!!
Laban Pilipinas! Puso!

Smart Gilas Pilipinas

Ok ok, obviously I haven’t moved on yet from the fantastic FIBA ASIA CHAMPIONSHIP. I have to admit though, that I had no idea, that this championship was happening. Good thing I am following the right people on twitter, who had been flooding my timeline since day one. I am became an instant fan, ok well, I became a fan since the Jones Cup, but nonetheless, I AM SUCH A PROUD FAN!!!

I can even name the players, even though I don’t watch the PBA. It is just so sad, that the coach couldn’t have more players for the try out, because their commercial basketball team didn’t let them go. But it’s not coach Chot Reyes’ loss, it’s the players’ loss. Coach Chot even worked with the players he had, and he did succeed. Yet I even wonder, why the management of the teams from the PBA don’t work together as one, and give the players away that are needed, or even work around the schedule, if there are national duties. It’s also good for them. I have been Youtube-ing some potential players, and these potential players were always involved in many brawls between other players. And some of the National Players (maybe except Sakuragi Marc Pingris) respect the players and don’t fight them. Maybe if they bonded more often, there was less tension and no “personalan”. But I am kind of familiar with the rules and regulations of Basketball, where you can only have 12 players in your line up. I wouldn’t want Coach to choose between the guys who made the Spain World Championshin happen and those who never had National Duties experience.

I do have my personal favourite, Jeff Chan!!! He’s my idol, he can shoot from anywhere and when he is called a foul, he just smiles. Just like Larry Fonacier. I love his nickname “baby face assassin”. Nasa loob ang kulo. I am really excited about next year. World Championship in Spain!! .. I really hope I’ll be able to go and show support. I hope by the end of this year, it will be revealed where the prelims will be held. Spain is not that small, and little are the chances that the Philippines go far. I am just being realistic. But I know that they will do their best and do everything in their power to win games!

But for now. SMART GILAS PILIPINAS you are one heck of a team! I hope the PBA and SBP can work together as a team!

much <3,

a fan from vienna



time is definitely not on my side, and this mood of mine is not influencing me so well. I wish I was more hardworking, I wish I was less lazy.. bla bla bla.. 

I HAVE TO CHANGE MYSELF. I have to be more hardworking if I want to. I want to be more hardworking, therefore I will be more hardworking!! Starting now. I can’t blame my sprained ankle for being immobile. I am not immobile. I AM JUST FREAKING LAZY! Fellow colleagues of mine are on Class trips, or visiting friends but still doing their Final Thesis. And what am I doing? Sitting at home, pretending that I am busy… but in all honesty I am busy watching TV or surf YouTube. I do not like this attitude of mine. And I have already reached half time and I haven’t written one single page…. not even a sentence. 

Oh Lord, please help me. I know I’ve been asking for your help always, but please kick my ass harder! Kuya is stressing me also, but he doesn’t count. He can’t relate… I think.

No more excuses. Tomorrow is not certain, yesterday is gone. But you have the present to make a difference. 

Remember, three hours a day, keeps the pressure away. I am so sure that this hardwork of mine will pay off someday. A vacation on a far away island will do too.. with the family. <3

Much love,